Standing Naked

October 7, 2016

In light of the recent reviews having just come in for my song ‘Unavailable’ I am most humbled and grateful. And based on these reviews I also want to share my thoughts about being a songwriter, singer and artist. new-single/



In this day and age of reality TV, as artists, songwriters, musicians and singers, there is a fine line between letting the audience know you and keeping a private profile. I think it is all pretty well understood by now that “reality TV” is not reality. It is all lead and contrived cheaply produced shows making the producers of said shows quite wealthy.


If this is your life’s goal then it is a brilliant plan.


It is also known by now that many of the singers that show up on The American Idol and The Voice type competition shows have been placed on these shows by management agencies who are building an audience for these “discovered” artists in a society driven by instant success.


It is not for the sake of art or music or those discovered!


When you allow corporate greed and big business to take over art, in a culture of instant gratification and success, it stands to reason that this is what you get. A culture of putting together

songwriters and producers with any performing monkey to create the next big thing. But here is the problem. Although you can be entertained, this is not art or a real artist standing naked before an audience being vulnerable exposing any real part of themselves that could be torn down and rejected.


As a result you have to create an illusion behind the performing monkey that makes an audience believe they have any depth or have earned their place in front of an audience in the form of a “back story”. And in this process many such performers are ruined as they are subjected to this brutality being sold the dream of fame and fortune. If I just had a big house on a big hill with the right address and bank account then all my problems would be solved. If I was just famous! And then, just for the chance to “make it”, we sell our pitiful pasts to get others to like us based just on how bad we had it.


It should all go without saying.


My music is a reflection of my life. I connect and share my human experience and journey with others. If I can make others laugh, cry or think a new thought this is my goal.


As artists we risk it all by standing vulnerable and naked in front of others to be accepted or rejected.  It is like standing before someone you like, knowing they might not like you back but, to connect with an audience or to find love, we must do it.


To be this vulnerable is the scariest thing of all.



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